sshhh 8 — technical information

sshhh 8

the chair is pergola-like, suitable for calming down or retreating

The lace-pattern screens and curved glass guarantee privacy for the user



Upholstered interior  (pick your color)
Brown or white base
Frame´s wood ash or walnut



The inside of the chair has a microperforated film, which absorbs outside and inside sounds
Absorbs surrounding noise
Reduces drastically incoming and outgoing noises
Swivels to the right and left with auto-return mecanism



Side wall made of safety glass



Delivered in one piece
Compact enough to fit through doors and lifts (80 cm)
Needs 1m2 floor space



Height 1450 mm
Width 740 mm
Depth 790 mm

Weight 110 kg


sshhh 8 – Individual Options

sshhh 8.0 - basic


sshhh 8.1 - sound

  • World´s smallest concert hall
  • Including audiosystem – you can listen to music via your own mobile device


  • Laptop table
  • Led light
  • Socket/USB
  • Wireless charging station


sshhh 8.2 - fysio

  • Physioacoustic massage chair, equipped with low frequency sound waves
  • Low-frequensy sine waves of 27-113 Hz
  • Two different programs, 10 minutes active mode and 20 minutes relax mode
  • Including audiosystem


  • Laptop table
  • Led light
  • Socket/USB
  • Wireless charging station

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