sshhh 2 is a soundproof conference room for two. The easily movable module consists of two opposing elements, each with its own ventilation. 

A plexiglass can be installed between the elements to prevent the spread of droplets and aerosols.

With two separate elements, both locations have their own efficient ventilation.      


sshhh 2  – technical information

Meeting room with acrylic sneeze guard optional


Fabric upholstery (colour selectable)
inside walls of grey pleated felt



Led light
sshhh 2  socket and two USB



Reduces drastically incoming and outgoing noises
Efficient ventilation air renewed every minute
Absorbs surrounding noise
Right sided doors are open



Safety glass used for doors and panels
Sneeze guard



Designed to fit through standard doors and lifts
Wheels at the bottom allow easy move around
Delivered in two pallets
Fits in less than 2 m2


RJ 45
sneeze guard



Assembling in 5-15 min no tools needed



Height 1830 mm
Width 770 mm
Depth 1960 mm

Weight 220 kg

sshhh 2 & 4 

Soundproof meeting space for two

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